iTunes to deep love of football he still appeared in has European Cup

Strength than met his Spain team,fut coins Ireland team may seem a well-deserved, but even the 4 goals defeated but not everyone is able to foresee. Towards the end of the game, all Ireland fans there is no anger, no crying, still sing them for their team proves that old song: "The Fields of Athenry" (' the fields of athenry ') singing! Full Court does not stop singing! Amazing singing! 0:4, has to be eliminated, but Ireland impressed people in the world at the moment, and even rivals the Spaniard appears to have listened this is football and life, everyone's life, "Ireland"--is a reality at some point just beat the crap ... ... However, do not forget that there is a spirit of unyielding goalkeeper gathered in European football, Ireland is, unfortunately, its neighbor is too bright for England, there is no shortage of first-class football Ireland chronically forgotten edge of the world. From the team since its establishment in 1921, Ireland who has never yet stood on top of Europe, in 89 years prior, only in 1988 they participated in a European Championship finals match, 6-3 in this year's European Championship qualifier 1 results finally made their debut in European football for the second time the highest level of the stage. It is unfortunate, they and the Giants Spain and Italy with the group, Ireland who, not many left them a chance to perform in the major gambling companies Open Championship odds, Ireland not surprisingly top Ireland teams win would be tantamount to a miracle. But nobody absolutely ignored this Green shirts, opened up the competition history, Ireland team played tough guy roles on more than one occasion. South Africa in World Cup qualifying, they shake to France, but it's beyond disgraceful handball defeat against each other. In the 2002 World Cup, they didn't bring home stars, but to the world-wide respect for the tenacity to kill into the top 16, McCarthy's father is terminally ill, he decided to stay at home to accompany the beloved father figure, and to participate in European cups. Northern Ireland people Mclean to participate in European Cup, joined has Ireland nationality, was part Northern Ireland fans of disgust, in was included 23 NPC list zhihou, he has received death threat, but to deep love of football he still appeared in has European Cup of field Shang law buleijiasi of scored will score eventually hold for 4:0, Ireland team will became this European Cup first support out of team, but Ireland people is let brutal of reality became so warm. Play coached the oldest head coach in the history of the European Cup, the 73-year old Trapattoni insisted stood by the presence of conductors in the rain, players continued to struggle on the pitch, all Ireland fans suddenly stood up and began to sing for Ireland cheers of song the fields of athenry, some female fans in the eyes with the tear, but always smiling. Shocking scene only proves that the heavy rain Ireland team and fans for their love of football, 0:4, how? How can first be eliminated? At this moment, fans just wanted to sing songs to express to the team's UEFA does Ireland fans sing praises: "football will never leave counts respectively, the winning side will rejoice, losing one side will almost always get you down. But Ireland fan told us that football not really that sad, as long as you enjoy the joy of the campaign will be enough. "" Generous song yan city, calmly Chu prisoners. Songs of the last five minutes, made me almost to tears, this is a rare precious memories in my career! I love you, football! "Explain this game of He Wei is also difficult to control his emotions.

They give a count, competition is about to enter the World Cup eight-firsts knockout, the reactions of the uphill battle in Germany golf courses are everywhere. Let us temporarily forget Germany-bottomed out scoring spree; let us temporarily forget Argentina team liquid penetration passes; let us temporarily forget France team in the World Cup continued downturn; let us temporarily forget United States team players face blood ... ... Because the next eight-firsts in the playoffs, will be more intense and more cheap fifa 14 ultimate team coins exciting than these, more intense scenes football tragic ... ... 23rd results (from SINA's World Cup column) there is also a game day, eight-firsts will enter the playoffs. German World Cup for hot, hot races all over the world have heard of. Even the best-run sports league in the world, NBA President David., Stern also said that this year's NBA Finals, concerned about the BOMB, and the main reason is that the World Cup. Businesses are good at capturing the social focus, which is beyond question. So the World Cup the "big cake", of course, to share a bit. Recently, we heard that, to meet the needs of our fans, the Patriots were introduced during the World Cup soccer theme chassis. The theme series chassis on the appearance, function, process design around the World Cup 06, design is novel and unique, were full publicity of their personality by football fans during the World Cup, launching soon became Patriots case series of main products. Patriot's newest soccer chassis model E651 respectively and the two paragraphs E652 is specifically designed to welcome the World Cup but for the majority of football fans tailor new theme Panel chassis. We received them today that E651 chassis, you go look at this and then let xiaobian football "chassis".

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